Edinburgh is a city famous for its heritage, vibrancy and character. Located at the very heart of Scottish culture, and boasting some of the world’s finest nightlife, Edinburgh offers the perfect getaway for the travelling connoisseur looking to immerse themselves in style, daring and spirit. However, beyond the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh's city centre streets lies some truly majestic open spaces from which the city’s sheer beauty can truly be enjoyed. Indeed, Edinburgh offers a tranquility that the majority of capital cities simply cannot provide, and here at The Edinburgh Address we would like to walk you through some of the finest places from which to stroll through this wonderful cosmopolitan landscape.


Arthurs Seat


One of Edinburgh’s most iconic landmarks, climbing Arthur’s Seat is an Edinburgh tourist staple that simply must be accomplished. A dormant volcano- perched 251m above sea level, and offering panoramic views right across Edinburgh and beyond - the relative physical exertion required to complete this climb is entirely worth given the spectacular views wating for you at the summit.  


Cramond Island


Lying just off the foreshore, Cramond Island is a tidal island reached at low tide by a causeway stretching for almost a mile. Fortified to protect the coast from enemy attacks during the Second World War, Cramond Island the island offers plenty of historical interest and uniqueness to those who venture over the seabed. However, please note that careful planning is essential when making this trip, mas a miscalculation in tide timing can lead to visitors being stranded on the island until the next low tide.


Union Canal


Running from Falkirk into the heart of Edinburgh, the Union Canal offers 32 miles of waterways, aqueducts, tunnels and bridges that offer walkers, runners and cyclists a beautiful winding journey that meanders from the city centre right out to the outskirts and beyond into Fife. An engineering marvel, the canal provides a view of Edinburgh’s continuously evolving landscapes unlike no other. Why not try following it from the city centre out to Harrison Gardens, where you’ll find an expansive park from which to relax and enjoy peacefulness without the busyness of other Edinburgh parks such as The Meadows.


Pentland Hills


Located on the South-West of Edinburgh, the Pentlands are a range of five different peaks covers an areas of 35 square miles. With over 60 miles of signposted routes that cater to all levels of fitness, there is a route or activity for anyone. Although sporting some very popular routes, the Pentlands offer holidaymakers and locals alike the chance to escape the city and enjoy all the beauty that the countryside has to offer.


Waters of Leith Walkway


This beautiful 12 mile walk follows the River Leith as it meanders right through the heart of Edinburgh. Steeped in history, the River Leith once powered over 70 mills, and was a backbone in the industrial prowess of Edinburgh. Now serving as a backbone in the environmental flourishment of Edinburgh's wild and plant life, this river walkway ventures through many of the Edinburgh’s most poignant locations, including Stockbridge, The Scottish Gallery of Modern Art and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Indeed, following this walkway before exploring the Botanic Gardens offers one of the most relaxing and educational trips that the city has to offer.