Christmas is in the air! Visit Edinburgh in November to enjoy city before the holiday rush and walk around the Christmas Market, the Foodie Festival and so much more!

Special advice from The Edinburgh Address: pack your down jacket if you want to survive.


Edinburgh Christmas Market

This is what makes Edinburgh magical at the end of the year: lights, decorations, attractions, shows, food and mulled wine. There’s no need to go somewhere else to find the perfect Christmas spirit. Put your ice skaters on, embark on Santa’s train, order a hot dog and walk around the great gift shops to find the perfect Christmas gift. The festival is a fantastic celebration and great fun for the whole family.

Christmas Market The Edinburgh Address

When? From 17th November

Where? Princes Street Gardens and George Street

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Since our favourite device never leave our pockets nowadays, we thought it could be interesting to guide you among the best apps to discover Edinburgh. Want to know the best part? They're all free and available on the App Store and Google Play!


Welcome to Scotland

Welcome to Scotland The Edinburgh Address 

This little pocket travel guide designed for Scotland is also fantastic to discover Edinburgh as it not only gathers great information about what to do in the city and when, but also gives you tips on accommodation, restaurants and more!


Why we like it?

  • It offers exclusive discounts on attractions, restaurants, accommodation, etc.

  • Instant online booking for accommodation, food and activities

  • Special recommendations on what to do, where to go, what to eat and the current events

  • Works offline


The impressive volcanic hill located right in the centre of Edinburgh is one of the Masterpieces of the Old Town. Gathering History, heritage and ghost stories, Castle Hill also hosts the best attractions of the city.

We have recently been invited to visit what makes Edinburgh Old Town so special. From Edinburgh Castle to The Scotch Whisky Experience and Camera Obscura, we have quite a lot to share with you! Put your trainers on and let’s get started.

 The Edinburgh Address Castle Hill

Edinburgh Castle 

We can’t talk about Castle Hill without mentioning its superstar, the Castle.

This impressive fortress dominating the Edinburgh skyline started to be edified during the early Middle Ages and has known a lot of changes throughout the centuries. Parts of the current building date from the 12th century, others from the 15th century and finally some from after the First World War. Quite a lot of history!

But what makes a visit at the Edinburgh Castle a great one is the fact that you can dive in every single part of its buildings, from the spooky prisons to the incredible Crown Jewels house and the National War Museum. What’s more, every day, an officer activates the cannon from the Esplanade, and this is something we highly recommend you see - Prepare your ears though.

To sum up, Edinburgh Castle should definitely be a part of your program. Beware! The ticket office is always very busy, we recommend you book your tickets in advance to avoid a massive queue!


Where? Castlehill Edinburgh EH1 2 NG

£17 Adult, £10.20 Children, £13.60 Concession

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The Edinburgh Address The Scotch Whisky Experience

The Scotch Whisky Experience

One of our best experiences on Royal Mile and for many reasons. First, this is an amazing venue! You start your journey with the Barrel Ride - basically you are sitting in a barrel and navigate through a distillery to discover the whisky making process.

After your ride, you enter in a video room where you’ll have the chance to discover Scotland and its different whisky regions thanks to a superb panoramic movie and aroma card. This is quite a surprise.

Then, you will learn the history and alchemy of blending in the Sample Room - your good work will be rewarded with a glass of whisky chosen according to your preferences.

And last, but definitely not least, walk through the World’s Largest Collection of Scotch Whisky, an amazing library of whisky bottles (approximately 300,000) beautifully displayed. You feel quite small in there - and thirsty too!

You will finish up your journey in the Scotch Whisky Shop in which you can buy your favorite blend among 450 other bottles.

Available in more than 18 languages, interactive and playful, this is the chance to discover the world of Scotland’s whisky thanks to experts and tailored experience. Beware of ghostly apparition though…


Where? 354 Castlehill, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2NE

From £15

More information:


The Edinburgh Address Camera Obscura 1

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions

When you walk on Castle Hill and pass besides the entrance of Camera Obscura, you don’t really know what to expect. You see deforming mirrors and this tickle your interest but you always wonder “what’s inside that tower?” We found out the answer for you, and it is huge.

Established in 1835, Camera Obscura is a fascinating and amusing way to discover Edinburgh and its history with unique and intriguing experiences. The 6 floor tower offers plenty of optical illusions, holograms and other interactive exhibits alongside with a 360-degree views from the roof terrace where you can admire the city thanks to telescopes.

Eye spy Edinburgh with the 19th century viewcam, get lost in the mirror maze, and scare yourself with interactive experiences. It is fun, fascinating and often challenging, but you will have such a good time in there, believe us, we thought we were kids again.


Where? Castlehill, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2ND

£15 Adults, £11 Children, £13 Concession

More information:


The Edinburgh Address Tartan Weaving Mill

Tartan Weaving Mill

From the outside it looks like a tiny touristic shop full of souvenirs. But it’s actually more than that. Occupying the old Castle Hill reservoir, The Tartan Weaving Mill is surprisingly monumental from the inside whether it is by its size or its millions of products. But more importantly, the shop reveals the whole process involved in tartan production, from shearing sheep to the actual kilt.

Thanks to see through glasses, you will be able to discover the rustic machines weaving the fibres that will become soon fashion items including scarves, throw and cardigans. It is also quite fascinating to learn about the different colours used in the different kilt confections, colours related to the different clans living in Scotland.  

An interesting journey through Scotland’s most iconic fashion item.


Where? 555 Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2 ND

Free admission

More information:

 The Hub The Edinburgh Address

The Hub

Built in 1845 to house the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, what is known today as The Hub, has surprisingly never been consecrated as a Church. Instead, it has always been considered as a congregation place. Even today, and thanks to its spectacular proportions, The Hub can host conferences, weddings and other gala dinners.

But The Hub is also a great coffee shop as well as a good tourist information office, where you can buy your tickets for any kind of events throughout the year.

It is clearly worth a visit, just to check the impressive architecture combining contemporary design and Victorian elements.


Where? Castlehill Edinburgh EH1 2NE

Free admission

More information:

Check out The Edinburgh Address properties located in Stockbridge to make your stay unforgettable. Book now:

With Halloween around the corner we thought it might be worth to take you around the city and tell you how was Edinburgh in the past.

Edinburgh is known to be the spookiest city in the UK, and maybe in Europe. And no wonder why. Its Medieval Old Town hides thousands of vaults, graves and wicked secrets that may scare you to death. Cannibals, murderers, torturers and other glory stories are waiting for you.  

Ghost Tours The Edinburgh Address

If you are ready to embark in a dreadful adventure walking around Edinburgh underground paths, then make sure to choose one of the below tours specialised in ghost tours to get the most of your experience.

Part 1

Located in the north of the city, Stockbridge is well known as the trendiest neighbourhood of Edinburgh. And no wonder why. The area is full of cafés, restaurants, delis and other dedicated shops - the foodie paradise in other words.

Between Gastro Pubs and little street food shops, we have selected the best addresses for your next breakfast, brunch, lunch or diner.

Prepare your forks, part 1 coming up right now.


Purslane The Edinburgh Address 

Purslane - The perfect definition of casual fine dining. Named Edinburgh restaurant of the year last May, Purslane brings together Scottish food at its highest level making you forget the traditional haggis neeps and tatties as National dish. Focusing on seasonality and local produces, the chef Paul Gunning has sourced 80% of his suppliers in Stockbridge. Trying to bringing the community together, the aim of the chef is to offer great food at more than affordable prices.

In brief, at Purslane you will experience exquisite dishes and a lovely atmosphere in a tiny restaurant.     

Where? 33a St. Stephen Street Edinburgh EH3 5AH

Scran Scallie The Edinburgh Address

The Scran & Scallie - One of the best addresses in Stockbridge, and for multiple reasons. First, and this is crucial, the food is amazing. Concocted by two of Scotland’s top chefs, Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin and Dominic Jack, the food is seasonal, with local ingredients. Don’t miss out their Goat’s cheese tart and walnut condiment as well as their steak pie, a delish. Second, we really enjoy the rustic charm of this old pub, where you will feel like in a cocoon. It’s cozy and warm, you wish you could there forever. And last but not least, the staff is really lovely.

We highly recommend this restaurant, from breakfast to dinner, even though you’re not staying in the Stockbridge area.

Where? 1 Comely Bank Road Edinburgh EH4 1DT

 Noks Kitchen The Edinburgh Address

Nok’s Kitchen - Newly opened, this Thai restaurant has already been acknowledged as one of the best Thai in Stockbridge. Mixing together mouth watering flavours of spices and products, their dishes are really tasty. We can’t resist to their great curries and appetisers such as the grill king scallops or duck salad. A real pleasure.

Where? 8 Gloucester St Edinburgh EH3 6EG

Mellis Cheesemonger The Edinburgh Address

I.J. Mellis Cheesemonger - Why not shaking up your habits and eat only cheese for dinner? If so, go directly to Mellis Cheesemonger as they are providing the best cheeses in town. French, Spanish, Scottish, there’s for sure one made for you. They even create personalised cheese wedding cakes. What a treat.

Where? 6 Bakers Place EH3 6SY


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Autumn has finally arrived in Edinburgh! It’s starting to get chilly so to warm you up we thought it’d be a good idea to share what to do in the city in October. And there’s actually quite a lot! So let’s get started.

October tip from The Edinburgh Address: remember to pack a rain gear, no matter what.


Food & Drink

GIN FESTIVAL the edinburgh address

The Gin Festival - For its very first edition, the Gin Festival is bringing to Edinburgh no less than 100 different gin from all over the world along with street food and music, and the opportunity to meet gin distillers face to face. From gin tonic lovers to initiates, there’s certainly a glass waiting for you. We are looking forward to this.

When? 6th - 8th October

Where? The Corn Exchange

More information:


Oktoberfest The Edinburgh Address

Oktoberfest - Get ready for the most famous event across Europe! Celebrating the German culture around food, beer, and music, you will think you are in the middle of the Bavarian Alps. It’s a great event and we highly recommend it!

When? 11th - 15th October

Where? West Princes Street Gardens

More information:

Restaurant Festival The Edinburgh Address

The Restaurant Festival - Back in Edinburgh for its fourth edition, the Restaurant Festival mixes in the best restaurants, cafes, delis and Farmer’s Market of the city to offer you an memorable foodie experience. Shake up your taste buds and don’t miss out this yummy event.  Discount and special offers to be expected!

When? 16th - 19th October

Where? Everywhere!

More information:

 Meats Beats Festival The Edinburgh Address

Meats & Beats Festival - A food and music retro festival. What else can we say!? Besides dancing on your favourite band from the 80s while eating a succulent burger?

Between great street food and music from the past five decades, the Meats & Beats Festival is definitely THE festival to attend this October. We’re already there waiting for you.

When? 20nd - 22th October

Where? Assembly Roxy

More information:



 Storytelling Festival The Edinburgh Address

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival -  Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Edinburgh as a Festival City, the Scottish International Storytelling Festival offers twelve days of event around Edinburgh demonstrating the art of storytelling and its changes over the past years. A beautiful story.

When? 20th - 31st October

Where? Around Edinburgh

More information:

 Edinburgh Short Film Festival The Edinburgh Address

 The Edinburgh Short Film Festival - The unmissable event for film lovers. Devoted to screening short movies from all around the world, the festival is also hosting the most talentuous film-makers from Germany, China, Russia and more. From budget to Oscar nominated films, the Edinburgh Short Film Festival is going to blow your mind, once again.

When? 27th October - 11th November

Where? TBC

More information:

Halloween The Edinburgh Address

Halloween - What’s better than celebrating Halloween in the spookiest city in the UK? With many attractions including the Edinburgh Dungeons, the Ghost Bus, Halloween Tours and Horror Festival, there’s for sure something made just for you and the scariest night of the year!

When? From 27th October

Where? Various venues

More information:


Interested to attend one of the above events? Then remember to book your accommodation with The Edinburgh Address, we have special offers for the occasion!

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We think Edinburgh’s West End and Dean Village areas are amongst the most beautiful sights and lovely attractions our city has to offer. Yes – of course Edinburgh has the Castle, Arthur’s Seat and The Royal Mile, but take a step back from these monumental crowd-pleasers, and you’ll find cobbled streets, pretty paths and individually owned boutiques and café’s which are a pleasant change from the generic shops we’re so used to seeing on every street.

Take a stroll down to Dean Village and you’ll feel like you’re no longer in Scotland’s Capital City, but in a dainty suburban town. Here’s our guide to just a few of the things you can do whilst in this charming area.


What to do?

Remus Interiors

This beautiful shop will certainly give you home inspiration (or envy) – every corner is filled with fascinating artefacts. This is definitely the place for interior design addicts! If you want to bring your family back a gift from Edinburgh, forget the Royal Mile tourist stops – get them something magical from Remus.



Gallery 10

This little gallery situated on Stafford Street is a wonderful space, showcasing some of the best contemporary, established and emerging artists. There are beautiful works of glass, as well as original paintings and print. Gallery 10 is really worth a visit – whether you’re in the market for buying a piece or just fancy a look!

Gallery 10


Union Gallery

Another small independent gallery in Edinburgh’s West End. Mainly showing contemporary works, including paint, print and sculpture, Union Gallery on Drumsheugh Place is a calm and relaxing space perfect for browsing some fabulous works.



Scottish Gallery of Modern Art

We couldn’t do a post about Edinburgh’s West End without mentioning the world famous Gallery of Modern Art. Whether you’re an art connoisseur or art amateur, there are always some really interesting things to see here. The fabulous sculptured garden alone is worth a visit.


Where to grab a bite?

L’Escargot Blanc

One of the West End’s finest restaurants, which also doubles up as a wine bar – L’Escargot Blanc’s menu is an incredible journey of French food made with some of the finest Scottish ingredients, and paired with some of the finest wines. You can’t say no to that.



Cairngorm Coffee Shop

The Cairngorm Coffee shop on Melville Place provides some of Edinburgh’s best coffee and a mouth-wateringly good selection of cakes, catering for gluten free diets too which is always a plus in our books! Top tip – try the salted caramel brownie – you won’t be disappointed! 



Patisserie Maxime

What’s more indulgent (and delicious) than a beautiful French pastry and top notch coffee in the morning? This West End café offer savoury and sweet treats – some might even say they look too good to eat.



Dean Village

No one should go to the West End (or Edinburgh, at that) without visiting the absolutely magical Dean Village. Take a walk along the Water of Leith to Stockbridge and you'll forget you're in a city - remember to take your camera, there's always something surprising on the way.

Dean Village

Check our amazing West End apartments! From our cozy and cleverly designed studio apartment at Lynedoch Place Lane to our grand and impecibly finished West End Residence at Great Stuart Street which sleeps up to ten guests and has amazing views from its own private garden over Dean Valley.

Our West End Apartment at Stafford Street is ideal for small families, and our West End Retreat at Lynedoch Place has irrseistable views over Dean Brigde, as does our Dean View @ Great Stuart Street.

And don't forget our new terraced house The Victorian Townhouse and its wonderful features.  

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One of the most striking features of Edinburgh is the way that every area has its own distinct persona – an architectural and social character unlike any other. With every region offering something new and unique, the draw of returning to this beautiful city is amplified by the distinctive experiences offered throughout its many geographical genres.

Located a little over a mile from Waverley Station, the cluster of gorgeous Bruntsfield, Marchmont and Morningside combines an intriguing blend of history and character with a contemporary, bohemian flair. More secluded than the city centre, this charming cultural hub offers a wealth of exciting things to do and see for Edinburgh newcomers and connoisseurs alike. Plan your day and let The Edinburgh Address take you on a tour of the best that Bruntsfield and the surrounding burghs have to offer.

Partake in a round at Bruntsfield Links


There’s very little that is more Scottish than a spot of Golf – and luckily Bruntsfield Links offers you the opportunity to participate in such an endeavour. The club is one of the oldest golfing establishments in Edinburgh and is steeped in heritage.

Grab lunch at Falko Konditormeiser


With the smell of warm bread drifting from the shop doors, visitors to Falko will be enticed by the store’s aroma long before they step foot through the door. This traditional German bakery offers a variety of bread, pastries and alternative delights. Why not head along early and enjoy a delicious Bavarian breakfast, or arrive later in the day for those famous pasties and cakes.

Pander to your sweet tooth at Coco


If you’re a fan of chocolate, then Bruntsfield certainly has the shop for you! Specialising in hand-crafted, organic and - most importantly – truly delicious chocolate, Coco has become a haven for sweet lovers since it opened its doors in 2004. Why not pander to your indulgent side and enjoy a visit to their shop on Bruntsfield Place, where you’ll find an array of special chocolate products – with flavours ranging from the traditional to the truly unique! G&T chocolate anyone? Yes please. Alternatively, why not sign up for one of their Chocolate Connoisseur Evenings – where you will learn about the production process and of course taste a sample or two!

Soak up the sun (or rain!) in the meadows


With so many independent shops, cafés and bakeries in Bruntsfield, why not fill your day relaxing in and around one of Edinburgh’s most celebrated public parks. Weather permitting; lay back and bask in this idyllic pasture beneath the shadow of Arthur’s seat. Or if that warm Scottish sunshine fails to materialise, why not take a stroll through this expansive park or enjoy a coffee from one of the many tea shops perched on the park’s periphery.

Pick up some gorgeous gifts at Halibut and Herring


There are many lovely shops in Bruntsfield and Halibut and Herring is one of our favourites. This fantastic little shop is like a treasure trove for all things beautiful. It’s the perfect place to pick up a unique piece of jewellery, a great cushion or luxurious throw, or a teddy for the little ones. Whether you’re shopping or just browsing, Halibut and Herring is definitely worth a visit!

Fabulous food at Papilio

IMG 5747

Oozing with a family friendly atmosphere, Italian restaurant Papilio offers an authentic Italian dining experience - amazing food in a relaxed and cozy setting. Flavour and traditional dishes are at the heart of Papilio's ethos and this lovely little place does not disappoint. Beautiful food without the need for excessive expenditure, Papilio offers Burntsfield diners a truly delicious Italian meal in warm, homely surroundings.

Visit a historic Victorian swimming bath


For swimming and history aficionados alike, Warrander Swim Centre offers the perfect combination of both physical activity and architectural splendour. Situated in a historic Victorian venue, but blessed with modern facilities, the centre offers a gym and swimming experience in gorgeous, distinguished building. Take an afternoon and leisurely enjoy a workout in the gym, a dip in the swimming pool and or some respite in the sauna.

After all this, what better way to end your day than to arrive back at one of The Edinburgh Address’s gorgeous residences.

The Mansion The Grange 2

Boasting beautiful Victorian décor alongside six magnificent bedrooms, The Mansion @ The Grange offers the perfect location from which to base your Bruntsfield stay. This detached house has a vast driveway with parking for up to 5 cars, and a delightful back garden with a summer house, children’s slide and climbing frame. The impressive hallway leads off to an extensive ground floor comprising a gorgeous drawing room, modern dining room with bespoke dining table, family sitting room, children’s playroom and stunning modern kitchen – a true centrepiece to a truly exceptional house.

The Mansion The Grange 124

A beautiful home, in a dynamic area of Edinburgh steeped in vibrancy, elegance and cultural significance – sounds like a fantastic city break to us!

For more information on The Mansion @ The Grange or any other of our properties, please contact The Edinburgh Address on +44 131 202 1188

Our gorgeous two bedroom, two bathroom property at North Charlotte Street is the ideal apartment for your luxury Edinburgh city centre get away. The apartment has one king sized bedroom and one super-king, both with en-suite bathrooms. In our opinion it is one of Edinburgh's most prestegious self catering properties. There's free private and secure parking to the back of the property as well as free wi-fi and a welcome pack. We're offering 15% off stays in April and May 2017.


Things to do nearby 

Dine out at L'escargot Blanc


A fabulous restaurant which offers amazing French cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients. This fantastic restaurant is a 5 minute walk from the apartment & well worth the small venture out

Take a stroll to the Stockbridge Market


This is a weekly market held at Saunders Street in the heart of Edinburgh's affluent Stockbridge. It is a must for foodies and those interested in sampling some home-grown Scottish arts and crafts. It really makes for the perfect day out!

Check out the Edinburgh's many galleries and museums


Edinburgh is home to many art galleries and museums, and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery is just a 15 minute walk from our gorgeous apartment. Visit the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street as well as the Gallery of Modern Art in the West End for an educating day out!

2 North Charlotte Street 13


Contact The Edinburgh Address on 0131 202 1188 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now to book your luxury self catering Edinburgh stay.

Boasting some of the world’s finest courses, Scotland offers the golfing connoisseur an array of exquisite possibilities on par with greens all over the world. From perching upon St Andrew’s iconic Swilken Bridge, to the sweeping Duddingston fairways overlooking Holyrood Park, the fineness of a Scottish golfing getaway is not an occasion to be missed.

golf 1

Offering tailored packages to golfing enthusiasts since 2003, Ultimate Golf Service has mastered the art of providing exceptional bespoke golfing experiences to some of Scotland’s most incredible locations. With every detail of the trip planned down to a tee, all you need to do on an Ultimate Golf Service vacation is enjoy the stunning round that you’re partaking in. Take a day off from golfing, relax and enjoy an afternoon’s whisky tasting on Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile (or from the comfort of your luxury Edinburgh apartment), tour one of Scotland’s famous castles or indulge your inner child by hiring a luxury Supercar! All of this and more can be hand crafted to your specifications by this knowledgeable and friendly team.

golf 3

We can't think of a better way to end your day than to come back to your home-from-home in one of The Edinburgh Address’s beautifully furnished apartments. With a selection of over fifty premium, unique and homely accommodation options on offer, The Edinburgh Address can provide you with a wide selection of beautiful properties from which to relax and re-charge your batteries for the duration of your stay. Why not sit back and let Ultimate Golf Service take care of all your experience needs.

golf 2

Stunning golf facilities, an array of accompanying activities and beautiful accommodation? Sounds good to us! Very much a bespoke holiday opportunity worth pursuing. 

If you wish to make a start and ask our golf concierge at Ultimate Golf Service about booking a golfing experience and staying in one of The Edinburgh Address's prestigious properties, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We love hearing that guests love our apartments. Here are some of our favourite things guests have said about their stays over the last couple of months:

The West End Residence @ Great Stuart Street


"Fantastic apartment so close to Princes Street; shops, restaurants and bars all within easy walking distance. The accommodation was in excellent condition and very clean. We would highly recommend."

"Great Apartment, great location. Easy and helpful service. We would highly recommend."

South Charlotte Street @ Charlotte Square


"This is an excellent apartment. It is very centrally situated and convenient for all city centre activities. The interior is modern, comfortable and well equipped. I would recommend this apartment. We have used The Edinburgh Address before and have always found them to be quick, efficient and accurate. "

The West End Apartment @ Stafford Street

32a Stafford Street 6

"Amazing stay. Beautiful apartment and perfect location. Would definitely return!"

The Mansion @ The Grange

The Mansion The Grange 6

"This beautiful house was immaculately clean, superbly decorated and very well equipped. We were made to feel welcome not only by the tray of wine, oatcakes, honey and more, but by a plentiful supply of teabags and Nespresso coffee pods... Exceptional. Thank you for great accommodation."


Don't take our guests' word for it. Book your own Edinburgh self catering city centre stay now. We offer seasonal and repeat customer discounts. Phone us today on 0131 202 1188 and speak to a friendly member of the team or visit our website and book directly and securely with the best rates guaranteed for our exclusively marketed properties. 

Book with The Edinburgh Address for the best selection of luxury, homely and unique self catering holiday and short let properties in the city.

Do something special this Valentine's Day - plan a romantic trip to Edinburgh. After all, we were voted the 16th most romantic city in the world! Here are some of our ideas guaranteed to impress that special person in your life:

Take a walk along the Water of Leith

Edinburgh 3

What ever happened to good old fashioned walking and talking? Edinburgh has some stunning scenery so take a stroll along the Water of Leith walkway and soak up the atmosphere.

Try Stargazing 


Nothing says romance like an evening of watching the stars. Go along to Edinburgh Royal Observatory and have a truly magical experience. 

Take part in a chocolate tasting class


Chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and let's be honest, eating loads of chocolate is most people's idea of a great day! Book yourself in at Coco in Bruntsfield for the ultimate date. 

Surround yourself with furry friends


Is your date an animal lover? Great! Edinburgh has it's very own cat cafe. Sit and have a coffee and a cake whilst relaxing with several feline friends!

Pair some fine wines and cheeses


Charm your date whilst indulging in some amazing wines and nibbling on some delicious meats, cheeses, pates and pickles. 

Watch the Sunset or Sunrise on Calton Hill


Watch the sun come up or go down - depending on whether you're a morning person or night-owl - and take in the views of our beautiful city.

Go to the movies in style

dom 104 of 5

Edinburgh's Dominion Cinema offers all it's patrons a VIP experience which includes amazing comfy chairs to snuggle up in and watch the latest and greatest films, as well as sweet snacks and an exclusive bar. 

Dine and dazzle


Not much can beat a delicious meal in a gorgeous restaurant for a successful date idea. Edinburgh has some amazing restaurants to suit virtually every taste and budget. Some of our favourites are:

The Stockbridge Restaurant - 54 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh

Castle Terrace Restaurant - 33/35 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh

The Kitchin - 78 Commercial Quay, Edinburgh

Purslane - 33A St Stephen Street, Edinburgh

Nanyang - 3-5 Lister Square, Quartermile, Edinburgh

Edinburgh has played host to all manner of amazing events in 2016 and 2017 looks set to be even better! Edinburgh is known around the world as the City of Festivals and it certainally lived up to its name this year! From magic to jazz and cycling to science, we've really seen it all this year. Edinburgh is an amazing city to visit and our luxury self catering and serviced apartments provide the perfect home from home for your get-away.

Edinburgh 50

Here is a small selection of some of the fantastic events planned for next year:

4th February: RBS 6 Nations Scotland V Irelend

20th - 25th February: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time @ Edinburgh Festival Theatre

25th February: RBS 6 Nations Scotland V Wales

10th - 11th March: Edinburgh Yarn Festival

18th March: RBS 6 Nations Scotland V Italy

1st - 16th April: International Science Festival

13th May: Rugby Champions Final

27th - 28th May: Edinburgh Marathon

8th - 18th June: Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

9th June: Robbie Williams - The Heavy Entertainment Show Tour 

17th June: Edinburgh Night Ride

21st June - 2nd July Edinburgh International Film Festival

22nd - 25th June: Royal Highland Show

14th - 23rd July: Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

27th July - 27th August: Edinburgh Art Festival

4th - 26th August Royal Military Tattoo

4th - 28th August: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

11th - 16th September: Grease @ Edinburgh Playhouse

20th - 31st October: Scottish Storytelling Festival

November - December (Dates TBC): Edinburgh's Christmas

Whatever the event, The Edinburgh Address have accommodation suitable. From cosy studio apartments perfect for a couple to a grand Victoria villa sleeping up to eleven, we can find the perfect house or apartment for your group. Visit our website or phone us on 0131 202 1188 now.

Winter is definitely upon us here in Edinburgh. We've got a whole host of exciting events coming up in our beautiful city and we want to share them with you!

18th Nov – 8th Jan: Edinburgh’s Christmas

Every year Edinburgh welcomes European and Scottish markets, rides, performers and food and drink vendors to create a spectacular winter wonderland in the centre of town. If you're not in the Christmas spirit now, you will be once you've visited Edinburgh's Christmas!

Christmas Market

20th November – 24th December: Street of Light

Last year, we saw the spectacular Street of Light take over the Royal Mile - illuminating the streets and buildings in the most magical way. This year we will see 60,000 lights run along George Street to make Edinburgh even more awe-inspiring.

Street of Light

21st - 26th November – Ghost @ Edinburgh Playhouse

The music version of the classic 1990 film hits The Playhouse on November 21st. Get the tissues ready!


24th – 26th November – Craft Beer Revolution Festival

Craft beer seems to have taken over the drinks scene in recent years, so it seems only fitting that there's a festival held in its honour! Get yourself along to sample some of Scotland and the UKs best beers and ales.

Untitled design 3

25th – 27th November – Foodies Festival

Foodies Festival returns to Edinburgh for more food and drinks to taste and buy than you can imagine! There'll be demonstrations from Jane Devonshire (MasterChef) and Michael Bremner (The Great British Menu).


29th November – 7th Jan – Mamma Mia! @ Edinburgh Playhouse

The classic musical returns to Edinburgh Playhouse. Book your tickets early to avoid disappointment!

mamma mia

2nd – 24th December – Black Beauty @ Traverse Theatre

A fantastic adaptation of the classic book which is set to be a visual and story-telling masterpiece.


9th December – 23rd April – Monkey Business @ National Museum of Scotland

Entertaining and educational, this exhibition explores the world of primates through a mixture of interactive media, taxidermy, film and photography. Great for all the family!


11th December – Santa Run

The annual Santa Run is back in Edinburgh, with options for everyone - push yourself and run around the course, or walk it - it's up to you. Participate or donate and raise money for When You Wish Upon A Star children’s charity.

Santa Run

31st December – Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

Edinburgh's Hogmanay is world famous and whether you've got tickets to the official street party or you're watching from a-far, it is always guaranteed to be an amazing evening full of music, laughter & tears), fireworks and love.

Edinburgh 70 Resized smaller

We've got availabilty in our luxury self catering city centre apartments so suit family groups, couples, or friends looking to get away to Edinburgh for some winter time exploring. View all our availability here or phone us on 0131 202 1188 and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to speak to you.

We currently have three apartments available for Hogmanay:

The Edinburgh Castle Suite @ Castle Terrace

The Penthouse @ The Royal Mile

South Charlotte Street @ Charlotte Square

We also offer additional services of a profesional chef to come and cook for you in your apartment plus relaxing beauty treatments and pamper parties in the apartments. Enquire now!

Edinburgh has so much to offer over the Christmas and New Year period. In 2014, nearly 150,000 people ascended upon Edinburgh to help us locals bring in the New Year and party along Princes Street. There’s a unique atmosphere in Edinburgh – a real sense of one-ness when we celebrate the start of another year together. The bands, the DJs, the people, the fireworks – it all comes together to create one magical night!

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But it’s not all about just that one night. It’s about exploring Edinburgh and seeing all we have to offer. During the festive period, we have the European and Scottish markets, plus numerous rides, plays and child-friendly events.

And we’ve got the perfect apartment for you to experience everything from. The Edinburgh Castle Suite @ Castle Terrace sits overlooking Princes Street Gardens and Edinburgh Castle itself. If you want to immerse yourself in the Hogmanay revellers partying, you’re a two minute walk from the apartment door to Princes Street. If you want to stay in and cuddle up with a hot chocolate and watch the fireworks from your home-from-home – go ahead – there’s nowhere better to do that! It’s the most wonderful place to cosy up, relax and unwind and appreciate Edinburgh’s most famous views from the couch.

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The Edinburgh Castle Suite @ Castle Terrace is the epitome of luxury city living, with high Edinburgh ceilings and the highest quality finishes and furnishings throughout. There are three large bedrooms: a gorgeous master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and two further bedrooms, each with zip and link king-sized beds which can be set up as twins if desired. One of these bedrooms has an en-suite and there is a further family bathroom. A spacious kitchen is fully fitted with everything you’ll need for your holiday with top of the range appliances and fantastic quality kitchenware. The living room is adorned in some of the most beautiful and interesting artwork and fabulous pieces of furniture.

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The pièce de résistance of course, is the views the apartment offers. One guest said about their stay at The Edinburgh Castle Suite @ Castle Terrace: “Memories that will last a lifetime!  We are so glad we chose to stay here over Hogmanay, the apartment was outstanding, extremely high quality and what a fantastic location. Watching the fireworks from the comfort of it was amazing. Seeing those beautiful fireworks with Edinburgh Castle as their backdrop was simply spectacular and romantic too!”

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If you wish to enquire about booking this beautiful apartment for Hogmanay, or would like more information about any of our apartments please phone us on 0131 202 1188. You can also book online directly through our website

When looking for the best deal for your Edinburgh self catering holiday, there’s one tip we can’t stress enough – always book direct! Here are a few reasons why:

Money talks

The fact is, the less middle-men involved, the less your holiday is going to cost. Prices on our own website should never be more expensive than those on third party websites, but if you ever do find one of our apartments listed on a live booking site for less than it is on our site, come directly to us and we will beat the price.

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Special offers and promotions

We set all our prices, on all the websites we use, and we want you to book directly with us. That’s why our best discounts and last minute promotions are exclusively on our website. You won’t get our gorgeous self-catering apartments with up to 30% off on any other site.

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Come back to us and save

We offer returning The Edinburgh Address guests a 5% discount on all bookings*. You’d be daft to go elsewhere! You won't get the same quality of apartments and customer service anywhere else!

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We know our apartments

At The Edinburgh Address, we view all the apartments that we list so that we can be confident in the quality of what we market. We won’t market an apartment if we feel it doesn’t live up to our standard and our customers can trust that we only list the best of Edinburgh’s self-catering properties.

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We’re friendly!

We’re a small team of 4 in the office and we pride ourselves on our personal yet professional service. The office is open and in full swing for bookings, enquiries, balance payments check-in enquiries and general chit-chats from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. We also operate an out of hours booking line for anyone who wishes to make a booking or property enquiry in the evenings and weekends. We’re happy to help! We love chatting on the phone so give us a call on 0131 202 1188 now!

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*Repeat guest discount applies to all previous guests of The Edinburgh Address apartments. Discount applies to properties exclusively marketed by The Edinburgh Address. Terms and conditions apply. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion.  

Knowing we’re satisfying our customers’ needs is what makes our world go round. We clocked up a lot of 5 star rated reviews from September stays – here are some of our favourite:

The Panoramic Penthouse @ Quartermile

The Panoramic Penthouse 12 Copy

“Great penthouse apartment, this place is all about the views and the floor to ceiling windows really make the most of them.

With 4 floors and 2 outdoor roof gardens we had ample space to spread out. The layout of the apartment also works great with all the bedrooms on one floor, day living and main roof garden with dining area and BBQ on the next, beautiful lounge on the 3rd floor for relaxing in the evening. Finally, the top floor with the hot tub and lounge seating on the very top of the building all to yourself. Arthurs seat, the castle, Pentland Hills, everything in plain sight with sprawling 360 degree views.”

The Mansion @ The Grange

The Mansion The Grange 2

“Lovely house - very well equipped. If you're travelling with small children, there is a wonderful playroom with loads of toys / books for the kids - keeps them busy for hours.”

The Penthouse @ The Royal Mile

126 High Street 4

“The Penthouse at The Royal Mile was in a perfect location, lots to do right outside our door! We were a party of six and the space was perfect for us, three bedrooms and two baths plus lots of room to just hang out. The kitchen was well equipped and the dining table was large enough for all of us. The living room also had space for everyone with a great view of the Royal Mile.  It was a lovely apartment and I would highly recommend it. Hatty at The Edinburgh Address was so helpful and easy to deal with, will absolutely use their service again, thanks for a great experience!!”

The Edinburgh Castle Suite @ Castle Terrace

Edinburgh Castle Suite 10

“The accommodation was outstanding. Every detail was taken care of for us. Luxury property, very well kept and extremely clean. Perfect location and wonderful views of the Castle. I will definitely go back - we had a wonderful time.”


To book your own luxury self-catering Edinburgh city break, visit our website or phone us on 0131 202 1188 today.

After a wonderful summer and fantastic Fringe Festival we’re now well into Autumn, and if you’re like us you’ll have turned your attention to the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas! Every year, Edinburgh’s Christmas seems to grow with more and more space being dedicated to the beautiful European and Scottish Christmas Markets, lots of fun-filled activities, shows and plays, and of course the ice skating and rides across Princes Street Gardens and St Andrews Square. We think Edinburgh is the best place you could be for winter.

Plan a luxury Christmas for you and your family.

Ever thought about going away for Christmas? Look no further. With a range of luxury, unique and homely houses and apartments, we’ve got the perfect accommodation to suit any group. Take the stress out of Christmas and having the family over – create your own perfect home from home. Visit our website to view availability.

Find your home from home this Christmas

Christmas shopping? Make an event of it!

Some of us love shopping and some of us hate it, but in our opinion, visiting Edinburgh during the festive period is enough to turn even the biggest shopping-sceptic into a shopaholic! Plan a trip to Edinburgh and stay in one of our gorgeous apartments and be met by complimentary bubbly and chocolates* to enhance your Christmas shopping experience. We’ve even got 15% off mid-week stays in selected apartments!

Outstanding Value 15 off mid week Christmas shopping packages

Bring in the New Year in style.

If you’ve not already thought about your Hogmanay plans, now is the time to do so! We’ve been fully booked throughout our portfolio of luxury self-catering holiday lets for the last few years so book your stay now & don’t miss out!

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Whatever your reason for visiting Edinburgh this winter, always come directly to The Edinburgh Address for the best in luxury self catering holiday let properties across the city cetnre. Remember to check our special offers tab for last minute deals and early bird discounts. We've got prefect apartments for families, couples, and groups. For information on any of our apartments, we are more than happy to speak with you on the phone as we price ourselves on our personal and professional service. Please phone us today on 0131 202 1188.

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*Terms and conditions apply. 15% off and complimentary bubbly and chocolates for mid-week stays only in selected apartments only. Book from 06/10/16 - 30/11/16.



“Travelling puts you in a heightened state of awareness. It stimulates your brain and makes you call up all your intellectual, spiritual and physical resources. Journeys are necessary for human beings; otherwise, we stagnate. Change is essential for everyone, and travelling presents a high rate of change.”
By the Canadian writer Lynne Shuttleworth.


In a hectic world - amongst work commitments, hectically running about, deadlines and functioning on autopilot, what can give you a new lease of life?

Reinvigorate yourself and decide to look for alternatives for your next holiday.

When you haven’t taken a break in a while, you feel like nothing around you awakens your senses anymore, not even the much-needed morning coffee can wake you up. But, when you find yourself in a new place your lust for life and adventure returns.

We travel thousands of miles for our holidays, interact with people and cultures, taste the most traditional dishes, marvel at the most futuristic infrastructure and take selfies in famous places. Often peace, tranquillity and pure happiness are found in the very places that disconnect you from the mundane every-day.

Internationally, we meet many people whose lives inspire us and are immersed in new cultures which heighten our enlightenment. It’s up to us to gain new perspectives and disconnect from the hustle and bustle we face every day at home.

Travelling is the answer. Without the stress of the eight or nine hours spent at work every day, the body finally allows itself to repair. When we're on vacation, the body regains strength and recovers quickly. Most experts say chronic disorders such as back and neck pain and headaches disappear or are less intense on vacation.

Being open to new experiences

Openness to new challenges is a testament to the ability of a human to be mindful. Adventure naturally teaches us how to live in the moment. The beauty of days, hours or moments does not return but we keep the memories carefully stored in our minds. By taking advantage of the moment and being aware of the present, we abandon old habits, and we grow and we are reborn.

So what’s stopping you from packing your bags? Go ahead and choose a new destination. Edinburgh offers a wonderful opportunity to combine relaxation and meditation with the excitement of adventure. 


We all know that Edinburgh’s biggest jamboree is its multiple arts and performance festivals which run through the month of August, but once that’s all past, September comes along, and we think it’s just as worth visiting Edinburgh as it is in August. Here are a few reasons why…

You’ll actually have space to move:
Did you know that during August, Edinburgh’s population swells from roughly 500,000 people to 1,000,000? That’s double! September is a great time to come if you still want pleasant weather, but you're a bit of a crowd-dodger. Everyone who either lives in Edinburgh or regularly visits during the festival knows how busy it can get, and unless you’re someone who loves being stuck in a hoard of people moving at record-breakingly slow speed, it can be somewhat frustrating getting from A to B!

Royal Mile Close

Weather – believe it or not:
Okay, so as a whole, we’re not exactly known for our fantastic weather in Scotland. But our summers are unpredictable, to say the least. This July, we’ve had record breaking heat, partnered by record breaking rain the next day. September is creeping into the autumn, and whilst you won’t be expecting to be sunning yourself every day on Portobello beach, at least the weather is a little more reliable!


Save a pretty penny when you choose to visit Edinburgh outisde of our busiest times! August, New Year and the Six Nations rugby dates see prices in Edinburgh peak, so you'll be being kind to your wallet by waiting until the festival has finished to visit.

Things to do - shows and performances:

Playhouse 2

Yes, the world’s largest arts Festival is over. This doesn’t mean, however that Edinburgh’s cultural wheel stops turning. Did you know that Edinburgh Playhouse is the largest theatre in the UK in terms of audience capacity? Take that, London! And as well as the Playhouse, we’ve got a number of other theatres, big and small. Here are a few things on during September we think are worth a trip to Edinburgh for alone:

1st – 3rd September: St Petersburg Ballet Presents: Swan Lake (The Playhouse)

5th September: Soundhouse at the Traverse – Unleashed (Traverse Theatre)

6th September: The Simon and Garfunkel Story (The Playhouse)

14th – 24th September: The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil (The Lyceum)

20th September – 22nd October: Billy Elliot (The Playhouse)

Things to do - sporting events:
Not only is Edinburgh a great location for our multiple sporting events – think of the scenery you’ll be passing by whilst competing in The Edinburgh Marathon or The Cycling Festival - but the atmosphere to celebrate completing your challenge in is unbeatable. We may not be amazingly well known for our sport (though we do try!), but something we definitely have a reputation for is being able to throw a mean party! See some of our picks of sporting events below – either join in or kick back and have a beer whilst observing:

11th September: Pedal for Scotland

17th September: Pretty Muddy for Cancer Research UK

18th September: KiltWalk

25th September: Subway Helping Hearts Family 5K

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Whatever you decide to do in Edinburgh, make sure you stay in one of The Edinburgh Address's luxury city centre apartments. We've got 15% off selected properties just now too! Go to or phone us on 0131 202 1188 today.