Since our favourite device never leave our pockets nowadays, we thought it could be interesting to guide you among the best apps to discover Edinburgh. Want to know the best part? They're all free and available on the App Store and Google Play!


Welcome to Scotland

Welcome to Scotland The Edinburgh Address

This little pocket travel guide designed for Scotland is also fantastic to discover Edinburgh as it not only gathers great information about what to do in the city and when, but also gives you tips on accommodation, restaurants and more!


Why we like it?

  • It offers exclusive discounts on attractions, restaurants, accommodation, etc.

  • Instant online booking for accommodation, food and activities

  • Special recommendations on what to do, where to go, what to eat and the current events

  • Works offline



GeoTourist The Edinburgh Address 

This is a great one! GeoTourist is basically an auto-play personal audio tour that will guide you through the most interesting attractions and landmarks of Edinburgh. But what's truly amazing with this app is that you can also be creative and build your own tour by recording an audio trail of your journey and simply posting it on the App.


Why we like it?

  • Translation into any language

  • You can follow tours or create your own

  • It is a world-wide travel app meaning that it's not restricted to Edinburgh

  • Works offline


Edinburgh Bus Tours

Edinburgh Bus Tours The Edinburgh Address 

The hop on - hop off bus tour is one of the best ways to discover the city. From the Old Town to the Caslte, the Yatch Britannia and Botanics Gardens, and even a cruise, choose a tour and just get around to fully enjoy Edinburgh. And believe us, there's quite a lot to discover!


Why we like it?

  • You can buy your tickets from the app and avoid the queue at the ticket office.

  • It's available in 10 different languages

  • It gives you detailed tours and maps as well as recommendations

  • And of course, we love its uncovered upper deck to enjoy the scenery


Transport for Edinburgh

Edinburgh Transports The Edinburgh Address 

Talking about buses, we can’t miss out the fantastic Transport for Edinburgh app made to tailor your bus / tram journey or simply to help you know which itinerary to take. You will no longer ask yourself how much your journey is going to cost and if you have enough change, or which bus you have to take to admire the Scots Monument. A must have whilst visiting the city.


Why we like it?

  • Super easy to use

  • Purchase your tickets directly on the app

  • Live updates on the traffic

  • Very accurate!