We all know that Edinburgh’s biggest jamboree is its multiple arts and performance festivals which run through the month of August, but once that’s all past, September comes along, and we think it’s just as worth visiting Edinburgh as it is in August. Here are a few reasons why…

You’ll actually have space to move:
Did you know that during August, Edinburgh’s population swells from roughly 500,000 people to 1,000,000? That’s double! September is a great time to come if you still want pleasant weather, but you're a bit of a crowd-dodger. Everyone who either lives in Edinburgh or regularly visits during the festival knows how busy it can get, and unless you’re someone who loves being stuck in a hoard of people moving at record-breakingly slow speed, it can be somewhat frustrating getting from A to B!

Royal Mile Close

Weather – believe it or not:
Okay, so as a whole, we’re not exactly known for our fantastic weather in Scotland. But our summers are unpredictable, to say the least. This July, we’ve had record breaking heat, partnered by record breaking rain the next day. September is creeping into the autumn, and whilst you won’t be expecting to be sunning yourself every day on Portobello beach, at least the weather is a little more reliable!


Save a pretty penny when you choose to visit Edinburgh outisde of our busiest times! August, New Year and the Six Nations rugby dates see prices in Edinburgh peak, so you'll be being kind to your wallet by waiting until the festival has finished to visit.

Things to do - shows and performances:

Playhouse 2

Yes, the world’s largest arts Festival is over. This doesn’t mean, however that Edinburgh’s cultural wheel stops turning. Did you know that Edinburgh Playhouse is the largest theatre in the UK in terms of audience capacity? Take that, London! And as well as the Playhouse, we’ve got a number of other theatres, big and small. Here are a few things on during September we think are worth a trip to Edinburgh for alone:

1st – 3rd September: St Petersburg Ballet Presents: Swan Lake (The Playhouse)

5th September: Soundhouse at the Traverse – Unleashed (Traverse Theatre)

6th September: The Simon and Garfunkel Story (The Playhouse)

14th – 24th September: The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil (The Lyceum)

20th September – 22nd October: Billy Elliot (The Playhouse)

Things to do - sporting events:
Not only is Edinburgh a great location for our multiple sporting events – think of the scenery you’ll be passing by whilst competing in The Edinburgh Marathon or The Cycling Festival - but the atmosphere to celebrate completing your challenge in is unbeatable. We may not be amazingly well known for our sport (though we do try!), but something we definitely have a reputation for is being able to throw a mean party! See some of our picks of sporting events below – either join in or kick back and have a beer whilst observing:

11th September: Pedal for Scotland

17th September: Pretty Muddy for Cancer Research UK

18th September: KiltWalk

25th September: Subway Helping Hearts Family 5K

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