This 21st of January is the day said to be the most depressing of the year. With the days being short, Christmas and celebrations are over and the New Year feels more like a climb than a happy walk, Mondays are now really  challenging (more than usual!). We don't know how much science of facts there are behind Blue Monday, but we all know that no one wants to feel low, glum and overwhelmed.

However, do not despair, we have put together a list of five things you could do in Edinburgh to tackle this blue day, with all things positive and healthy! Happy Monday!



Exercise and stay active

A great way to improve your general well-being, exercise can keep the blues away! Of course, if you can exercise in a beautiful and scenic city, why not! Hike Arthur's Seat, walks around the Pentlands Hills, or maybe climb indoors. If you prefer running, then explore Water of Leith all the way to Dean Village.


Learn and discover

We all have a hobby we want to take up or visit more museums and galleries. Well, the Scottish capital is rich with history and it is home to many museums and galleries.

Tours: If you are passionate about learning about the cities you visit, then why not trying an architecture tour? But if you prefer discovering Edinburgh through storytelling, then give join Mercat Tours.

Embrace your cultural spirit and take part in these beautiful activities around Edinburgh.


Connect and give to others

Arrange some activities in Edinburgh for your friends and loved ones. Take them to one of the many independent coffee shops or restaurants. Connecting with the Scots is an easy thing, well-know for being friendly and cheerful. A great chat and laughter is guaranteed.



We often have hectic days, we are busy, stressed and tired. Mindfulness is a great thing to introduce into our daily lives to be in the present moment. When we travel it just comes easy, we focus on our senses and we take it all in. Edinburgh has that special charm that makes you want to slow-down and enjoy every moment. Mindful travel mindfully is a fantastic experience and an opportunity to recharge and take the experience with us.


Have fun

Feeling down in this season is completely normal. However, doing something fun and enjoyable is a great solution and a fantastic pick-me-up!

Dance: If you come to Edinburgh, take part to the traditional Ceilidh and dance to the rhythm of fun-tastic music. If you are interested have a look at Ghillie-Dhu.

Have tipple: Scotland is well-know for whisky, gin and beer. You can take part to great tours and taste the best drinks Scotland has to offer. Summerhall is a great place to do all these things and much more!

Have a chuckle: We all know that laughter is the best medicine. Spending a nice evening at The Stand Comedy Club is the ideal place to have a chuckle and have a mood boost.

I hope you find these helpful and have a happy and enjoyable Blue Monday!

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