“Travelling puts you in a heightened state of awareness. It stimulates your brain and makes you call up all your intellectual, spiritual and physical resources. Journeys are necessary for human beings; otherwise, we stagnate. Change is essential for everyone, and travelling presents a high rate of change.”
By the Canadian writer Lynne Shuttleworth.


In a hectic world - amongst work commitments, hectically running about, deadlines and functioning on autopilot, what can give you a new lease of life?

Reinvigorate yourself and decide to look for alternatives for your next holiday.

When you haven’t taken a break in a while, you feel like nothing around you awakens your senses anymore, not even the much-needed morning coffee can wake you up. But, when you find yourself in a new place your lust for life and adventure returns.

We travel thousands of miles for our holidays, interact with people and cultures, taste the most traditional dishes, marvel at the most futuristic infrastructure and take selfies in famous places. Often peace, tranquillity and pure happiness are found in the very places that disconnect you from the mundane every-day.

Internationally, we meet many people whose lives inspire us and are immersed in new cultures which heighten our enlightenment. It’s up to us to gain new perspectives and disconnect from the hustle and bustle we face every day at home.

Travelling is the answer. Without the stress of the eight or nine hours spent at work every day, the body finally allows itself to repair. When we're on vacation, the body regains strength and recovers quickly. Most experts say chronic disorders such as back and neck pain and headaches disappear or are less intense on vacation.

Being open to new experiences

Openness to new challenges is a testament to the ability of a human to be mindful. Adventure naturally teaches us how to live in the moment. The beauty of days, hours or moments does not return but we keep the memories carefully stored in our minds. By taking advantage of the moment and being aware of the present, we abandon old habits, and we grow and we are reborn.

So what’s stopping you from packing your bags? Go ahead and choose a new destination. Edinburgh offers a wonderful opportunity to combine relaxation and meditation with the excitement of adventure.