We will refer to Promotional Terms and Conditions using the term “Promo Ts&Cs”, and we’ll use the term “promotions” with reference to any Promotional Offers, Discounts and Competitions throughout all our The Edinburgh Address marketing activities, including activities carried out by us in 3rd parties’ channels.

The following specific terms and conditions govern Your participation in Promotional Offers, Discounts and Competitions in respect of the Service and form part of Your Agreement as set out in the Booking Terms.

1.1 To the extent there is any inconsistency between the Booking Terms and any of these Promo Ts&Cs, then the Booking Terms shall prevail.

1.2 By participating in promotions, participants agree to be bound by these and promotional specific Terms and Conditions which are in conjunction with The Edinburgh Address Booking Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

1.3 We may at our absolute discretion restrict who may enter into promotions for any reason.

1.4 We can decline your booking, if we do not think the promo code or offer used is valid for the product(s) ordered, or if we reasonably suspect fraud or dishonesty.

1.5 Unless the offer says otherwise, you can only use one promo code or discount offer per Booking. You cannot combine offers.

1.6 Online offers can only be used on www.theedinburghaddress.com. They are not valid for purchases made on 3rd parties or over the phone unless expressly stated in the offer.

1.7 Promotions apply solely to The Edinburgh Address apartments. These apartments are identified with the “@” symbol in the Property Name. Some apartments may be excluded from offers. We also reserve the right to alter properties included in promotions. As this varies by offer you will need to check individual offer details for such exclusions.

1.8 Offers apply to accommodation price only. They do not apply to any service fee charges, OPTIONAL EXTRAS (such us Luxurious Extras and Functional extras) or any other applied charges unless otherwise stated.

1.9 If we give you a refund, it will be for the total price paid by you, taking into account the offer or discount. Under no circumstances will we give a full refund for the accommodation price without factoring in the discount you received. 

1.10 Payment is non-transferable and applies to promotional dates only.

1.11 Some specific dates might be excluded from the promotion. Bookings made after promotion deadline (stated in the offer) will not considered as eligible, and the discount will be removed from booking. 

1.12 Promotion cannot be used for pre-existing bookings. Discount is subject to availability

1.13 Unless stated otherwise, discounts are only applicable for apartments and not extras or experiences

1.14 We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions or withdraw an offer at any time, with reasonable notice.