Edinburgh is one of the best tourist destinations when it comes to family attractions. Of course, the Edinburgh Castle is the most popular, but there are many other attractions that can bring great fun to your kids' day. 

One of the things you will always need to consider when visiting Edinburgh, is the weather. Sometimes there are rainy days, sometimes we might have sunny days, and some other days we have all the four seasons in one! That is it one we have selected the best indoor and outdoor activities for a fun-filled family day within the Scottish capital.


Whisky - The National Drink

Edinburgh and Whisky share together a long and fruitful history. Some records show how 'uisge beatha' (Scottish Gaelic for Whisky) was produced in the capital around the 1500 by the Guild of Barbers and Surgeons. Since then, copper-pot stills have kept on distilling malt whisky (single malt), grain whisky and blended whisky for all the world to enjoy.

During recent years, In Edinburgh more and more people have paid attention to Gin and up-and-coming Rum, but Wishky is still Scots' and tourists favourite. So, where would we go in Edinburgh to learn about and delight our curious palates with Whisky?

These are our favourite bars, pubs and tours in Edinburgh.


You can’t visit Scotland, and Edinburgh, without making a stop at a distillery or brewery. Whether you prefer whisky, gin or beer you need to dive into the secrets of hand crafted beverages and distilling process.In the past 10 years, distilleries and breweries have become more accessible as people’s palates are becoming more sophisticated and new beverages are created.

Edinburgh is definitely the place to experience all these unique and sophisticated beverages. Let's take a look at our recommendations on our three protagonists; Whisky, Gin and Beer.



It's February! As usual, Edinburgh has plenty of entertainment to offer and things to do. You can enjoy the fascinating Chinese New Year experience in Edinburgh, from the Giant Lanterns at the Edinburgh Zoo, to a Chinese New Year music concert in Usher Hall. If you love rugby, then this is your month. From the exciting Rugby 6 Nations to the Scottish Fan Fest, a great event to watch rugby while enjoying traditional Scottish food and drinks. If you want to experience something breath-taking then go to the Cirque Bersek or the light installation, Lumen.

So many things to do in the shortest month of the year! Have a fantastic February in Edinburgh.



The Victorian Townhouse

The Scotsman fell in love with our stunning Victorian Townhouse and they decided to write an article about it. Each room has its own personality, making this glamourous house a stunning city boutique, ideal for anyone who wants to have a memorable experience.

But what did the Scotsman think of our townhouse?



From festivals and fun activities to traditional celebrations and top events, make January memorable with the best things to do in Edinburgh. See what’s on.



 What is Burns Night?

It's a celebration that features whisky, haggis and poetry to commemorate the life of the poet Robert Burns, born on January 25, 1759.
During this night, many Scots hold a Burns supper, with toasts and readings from Robert Burns' poems.

When? 25th January

Where? Across Edinburgh


Burns Night

Every year, on the 25th of January, true Scots celebrate Burns night in commemoration of the national Bard's life, 'Robbie' Burns. Some events feature whisky, traditional Scottish food, poetry and dancing.

Being a unique and traditional Scottish celebration, we warmly recommend anyone who visits Edinburgh to take part in the festivity.

 These are the things that The Edinburgh Address recommends to do for Burns night in Edinburgh. 


As you have already guessed by the image above, Hogmanay (pronunced:ˌhɔɡməˈne) is the Scots word for  the last day of the year, New Year’s Eve. No one celebrates New Year’s Eve like us Scots! Why? Probably, because for almost 400 years Christmas was virtually banned in Scotland (for a religious reason) and Hogmanay was the only celebration we had left to party and exchange gifts.


It's Christmas Time! Visit Edinburgh in December to enjoy the fairytale city, go to the Christmas Market, the Christmas Tree Festival and so much more!

Special advice from The Edinburgh Address: pack your down jacket.


The Giant Lanterns of China - Edinburgh Zoo

the edinburgh address 5

From December 1st, the RZSS Edinburgh Zoo will display the Giant Lanterns of China, an installation of over 450 lanterns all around the zoo trails. Featuring a Panda, Lions, Dragons, be amazed by the magnificence of those lights.


We all love a fun and relaxing holiday. When children are entertained and happy, parents can relax. Edinburgh is excellent for families, with a wide range of attractions perfect for kids of all ages.

Let’s have a look at the 6 best indoor attractions to visit together with your children.


1. Dynamic Earth


Photo Credit: Our Dynamic Earth Website


In the previous article we saw the best indoor activities in Edinburgh for families and children see here now it’s time to talk about outdoor activities!

Of course, we all know that the Scottish weather can be Dreich (Wet, dull, gloomy, or any combination of these) but when it’s nice and dry there are many fantastic outdoor activities for families and children.


Let’s have a look at the best outdoor activities in Edinburgh


1. Edinburgh Zoo



One of the most enjoyable things to do when travelling is to try all the local specialties. Each nation has its traditional dishes that go way back to its origins.Scotland is no different.

Everyone is aware of the fact that some of the best lamb and mutton comes from Scotland, as well as what haggis is. But there is so much more in the traditional Scottish cuisine to be explored - for those with a strong stomach and a taste for hearty home meals.

The indigenous game and temperate climate, Scotland is a well of delicious dishes; the abundance of seafood, pastures of free grazing lambs and the plenty agricultural lands ensure fresh, home-made goodness. And deep-fried Mars bars.

Being a expatriate now local to Edinburgh, I went digging for some of the most typical Scottish dishes, so here they are – and they are, in their own way, scrumptious!


Aberdeen Rowie


A buttery, also known as a rowie or Aberdeen roll, is a savoury Scottish bread roll. They are noted for their flaky texture and buttery taste (hence the name). To those who have never experienced one they are probably best described as a flattened, round croissant, with a very salty taste.


Some people enjoy going to the stadium and feel the atmosphere of a rugby match first hand. Others, like me, enjoy watching the match on a nice screen while drinking a pint!

From Rugby to any other sport, these Edinburgh bars are brilliant for seeing sporting events.




My personal favourite. Great place for anyone that loves rugby! If you are passionate about rugby and love watching games with fans, this is the right place to go. It’s a cosy pub with great hand-pulled ales, fantastic bar food and friendly staff!

The current holiday let market is more challenging than ever, especially in Edinburgh. According to a research conducted by the Scottish Green Party, about half the homes just in the EH1 postcode will be holidays lets by 2050. This figure could be quite concerning for owners as it represents a lot of competitors and potentially less earnings.

And the market is not only the only challenge. Today's holidaymakers have high expectations when booking a property: interior design, features, connectivity, accessibility, security, cleaniness, and the list goes on. As an owner, it is essential to provide your future guests with an unique property.

How to make my property stand out from the hundreds others available? How to make sure people will click the “book now” button and become my future guests?

The Edinburgh Address


Scotland first match will be against Wales in Cardiff, then come back in Edinburgh to play home against France and England in rounds two and three.

Scotland’s last two games will be played away in Ireland and Italy.

This year Scotland will play home only for two games, one less compared to the last year championship. In 2017 the Scots hosted Ireland, Wales and Italy, achieving spectacular wins in all the three home games.



This year Scotland will host Samoa, New Zealand and Australia in the fastest-selling Autumn Tests ever!





The magic of Christmas in the centre of a fairytale city.




When? From 17th November

Where? Princes Street Gardens, St Andrew Square and George Street

Running from November to January, Edinburgh’s Christmas is one of the most popular Christmas celebrations in UK.

This year you will enter a magical wonderland with the biggest and brightest events and entertainment you have ever seen!

Spin around on a charming Carousel in Princes Street Gardens or skate on the Ice Rink in St Andrew Square.



Christmas is in the air! Visit Edinburgh in November to enjoy city before the holiday rush and walk around the Christmas Market, the Foodie Festival and so much more!

Special advice from The Edinburgh Address: pack your down jacket if you want to survive.


Edinburgh Christmas Market

This is what makes Edinburgh magical at the end of the year: lights, decorations, attractions, shows, food and mulled wine. There’s no need to go somewhere else to find the perfect Christmas spirit. Put your ice skates on, embark on Santa’s train, order a hot dog and walk around the great gift shops to find the perfect Christmas gift. The festival is a fantastic celebration and great fun for the whole family.

Christmas Market The Edinburgh Address

When? From 17th November

Where? Princes Street Gardens and George Street

More information: Check Here

Since our favourite device never leave our pockets nowadays, we thought it could be interesting to guide you among the best apps to discover Edinburgh. Want to know the best part? They're all free and available on the App Store and Google Play!


Welcome to Scotland

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