Our first trip in Bonnie has been so exciting and a steep learning curve for campervan novices! 

We loved every moment with Bonnie and we thought to share our first experience and some tips!

Here we go!


Tip #1 Pack light!

As we have a toddler, packing light is not easy, so after this trip we decided to purchase a roof box which will give our campervan clients extra storage.  Idea if you have buggies and lots of nappies!

Our drive to Melrose Campsite, was quick and easy from Edinburgh. Around 45 mins. Turns out we picked the perfect place for our first night away. Melrose campsite is clean, well run and friendly. Importantly for us, there was a playpark right next door!  Melrose as a town is perfect for a day of coffees, shopping and a nice lunch!

As I crossed the campsite in the evening with the starry skies and fresh air hitting my face, I had a strong sense of feeling alive and present.  I felt like a kid again and happy memories of childhood holidays came flooding back.  Research is beginning to show that there are real benefits to camping in terms of our mental health and this is a topic I’d like to look into a little more for a future blog.  Indeed as I flicked through a copy of Psychologies Spring 2109, @PsychologiesMag comfortably lying in the pop up campervan roof,a statistic jumped out at me – ‘93% of regular campers say that a break under canvas makes them happier’.

Bonnie Parked.png

Tip #2 Camping is good for the soul and mental health!

Our first night was comfortable, the campervan is super cosy on the ground floor as the heating can crank right up.  Our toddler and hubby Lewis slept soundly downstairs.  I was sleeping in the pop up and as it was still April, it was slightly cooler up there.  We will always advise our guests that the pop up is great in good weather but for cooler nights in Winter and Spring, if you are using it, best have extra layers for night.


Tip #3 Bring extra layers if the weather is still cool for night-time and for using the campsite facilities at night.

The next day we explored Melrose, and what a divine town it is!  We didn’t have time to explore the many historical sites such as Melrose Abby  but  Melrose we will be back!  We mainly pottered about the lovely shops, in particular and antique shop. Michael Vee Design, were we bought a nice retro lamp and a great charity shop which was more like a vintage clothes shop!  We had a delicious lunch at Provender, my risotto was pack full of fresh spring flavours and Sean had lovely haddock and chips.  Lewis ate all his pasta!

I bought some amazing jewellery and natural oil reeds  at the, a shop full of locally made crafts such as knitwear, arts and ceramic

Bonnie Risotto.png

Tip 4# A nice campsite makes all the difference - choose wisely

The facilities at Melrose were top notch which,  if like me you are fussy about where you shower, it can make or break a shower.  Our second campsite, a few days later was not so good and I couldn’t even use the showers!

Over the next few weeks, as friends of TEA and the TEA team road test the Van we will give our recommendations and hope our clients can too!


During spring and summer time, Edinburgh blossoms into a colourful and vibrant city! You will be surprised by the spectacular combination of gothic and modern buildings with neighbouring parks, hills and rivers. The Scottish capital is full of colourful and delightful gems!

There are many places to discover. Some are hidden down winding streets and cobbled closes while other are in plain sight. We made a list of our favourite colourful and delightful places.

February 24hours Edinburgh blog.jpg

An alternative day in Edinburgh!

A guide from The Edinburgh Address team

Our team of Edinburgh locals have created a carefully selected one-day itinerary to help you experience alternative things in the Scottish's capital. This insider guide will keep you busy as you explore and experience the best Edinburgh has to offer; sights, venues and excellent eateries to immerse in the Scottish culture.


 What is Burns Night?

It's a celebration that features whisky, haggis and poetry to commemorate the life of the poet Robert Burns, born on January 25, 1759.
During this night, many Scots hold a Burns supper, with toasts and readings from Robert Burns' poems.

When? 25th January

Where? Across Edinburgh


This 21st of January is the day said to be the most depressing of the year. With the days being short, Christmas and celebrations are over and the New Year feels more like a climb than a happy walk, Mondays are now really  challenging (more than usual!). We don't know how much science of facts there are behind Blue Monday, but we all know that no one wants to feel low, glum and overwhelmed.

However, do not despair, we have put together a list of five things you could do in Edinburgh to tackle this blue day, with all things positive and healthy! Happy Monday!


Edinburgh so much happening this festive period, with skating, rides, and light shows to just name a few. With all the time you’ll be spending outside, what’s better than warming your hands on a delicious tea or coffee? Relax, recharge, and enjoy the food and beverages on offer in these delightful Edinburgh cafes.


From a special breakfast to a tour of the capital's unique streets. 

For guests like you, we have a collection of unique holiday experiences. Tailor your holiday and make it memorable!

You know what will make your experience special, so get in touch with us and make your journey more than a stay!


September started off in a spectacular way! From the flamboyant and colourful Edinburgh Mela, a music and dance Festival celebrating diversity, to a delightful Wine Tasting Experience day. If you feel like you have missed something fun, do not worry, there is much more happening the whole month. Have a look below what's on this September in Edinburgh!


We are really happy to add this beautiful home to The Edinburgh Address portfolio. This lovely Mews, is a modern mid-terrace with beautiful interior and decor. This Mews is in the heart of Edinburgh, 5 minutes walk from Princes Street and close to the best eateries and shops.


Edinburgh is a unique city with an atmosphere that brings together past and present in a beautiful mix. In August, Edinburgh's atmosphere reaches a new level with every park and cobbled street brimming with life created by fantastic art performers and events. From Foodies Festival to the iconic Fringe, the whole city of Edinburgh becomes a spectacular stage. If you visit Edinburgh you will feel that fantastic wanderlust and explore the city. Yet, after a long day of exploring you might need a beautiful base to relax and treat yourself. We have selected some of the most beautiful homes to enjoy this August.


August is Festival Month in Edinburgh, with thousands of shows, performers and visitors, bringing life to every cobbled street and wynd. Many visitors come from all-over the world to enjoy the Edinburgh Festival FringeThe Edinburgh International FestivalThe Edinburgh Book Festival and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. You might think that this is it, or maybe you want to experience something new. This is perfect, because Edinburgh has much more to offer! See what other fantastic events are taking place this month and find your next memorable experience!

As sunny days get longer here in Edinburgh, walking around town in June is a great treat. Of course, the city will still have plenty of events happening for everyone to enjoy. If you love Gin and dancing then enjoy the Gin and Disco festival or watch Strictly Come Dancing's  Kevin and Karen performing a Cha Cha at the Usher Hall. What about the kids? They will be star struck by seeing Peppa Pig's Surprise live at The King's Theater or take part in IRONKIDS Scotland's running events. This is the beginning of a fun-tastic month! Find out what else is going on this June!


It won't come as a surprise that even this May Edinburgh will provide locals and tourists with a wealth of entertainment. This month more and more festivals will take place in the historic capital, from the International Magic Festival to the Marathon Festival. If you love Whisky and beer then enjoy the World Whisky DayWhisky Stramash and the Edinburgh Beer Festival. What about the kids? They will be amazed and inspired by Imaginate, the arts performance festival dedicated to children.


Every August, Edinburgh streets are brimming with a unique atmosphere created by fantastic art performers. The Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe Festival will transform the capital in a buoyant stage, presenting shows of all kinds and for every taste. Streets of the festival city will be full of wonders. Immerse yourself in this magical atmosphere and find your perfect holiday home with the festival just on your doorstep.


Gin in Edinburgh

Before Gin became a beloved beverage distilled in Edinburgh, Scots used to import its precursor 'genever' from the Netherlands, in the 16th, 17th and 18th century. As more genever was imported and even more smuggled in, this fashionable liquor became Edinburgh distillers favourite spirit and the started producing it close to hand. Unfortunately, Edinburgh Gin industry slowly declined, giving more space to whisky, making the latter a popular 20th century drink. Edinburgh’s last gin distillery, Melrose Drover, closed in 1974, an the city’s relationship with the gin trade was over.

But do not despair, because a new generation of gin distillers brought back this old tradition to the capital.

So, let's have a look at favourite bars, pubs and tours in Edinburgh, great for all gin lovers.



Providing you with the best holiday addresses in Edinburgh for over 10 years!

We are so excited to be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year! Celebrate with us and you will have the chance to win one bottle of the multi-award winning, marvellously mixed Pickering's GinThis iconic gin, hand crafted in the heart of Edinburgh, has been kindly gifted to us for this special occasion!


Some people enjoy going to the stadium and feel the atmosphere of a rugby match first hand. Others, like me, enjoy watching the match on a nice screen while drinking a pint!

From Rugby to any other sport, these Edinburgh bars are brilliant places to watch sporting events.




My personal favourite. Great place for anyone who loves rugby! If you are passionate about rugby and then this is the right place to go. The atmosphere in this cosy pub is great, the hand-pulled ales are fantastic, bar food is delicious and the staff is very friendly!


Newingtonis easy to fall in love with. Vibrant and leafy, this residential area is a 20 minutes walk from Edinburgh Roayl Mile. The Victorian architecture and the many independent restaurants and boutiques give Newington a charming and relaxing feel, without all the tourists piling down like in the city centre.This area starts directly beyond the Old Town (where the Royal Mile is) were attractions, bars and restaurants congregate. The Meadows are its beautiful "back garden" and the city centre is within easy walking distance.

What are the best things to do that only locals know about?


Edinburgh is one of the best tourist destinations when it comes to family attractions. Of course, the Edinburgh Castle is the most popular, but there are many other attractions that can bring great fun to your kids' day. 

One of the things you will always need to consider when visiting Edinburgh, is the weather. Sometimes there are rainy days, sometimes we might have sunny days, and some other days we have all the four seasons in one! That is it one we have selected the best indoor and outdoor activities for a fun-filled family day within the Scottish capital.


Whisky - The National Drink

Edinburgh and Whisky share together a long and fruitful history. Some records show how 'uisge beatha' (Scottish Gaelic for Whisky) was produced in the capital around the 1500 by the Guild of Barbers and Surgeons. Since then, copper-pot stills have kept on distilling malt whisky (single malt), grain whisky and blended whisky for all the world to enjoy.

During recent years, In Edinburgh more and more people have paid attention to Gin and up-and-coming Rum, but Wishky is still Scots' and tourists favourite. So, where would we go in Edinburgh to learn about and delight our curious palates with Whisky?

These are our favourite bars, pubs and tours in Edinburgh.