It's Halloween! We thought it might be worth to take you around the city and tell you how was Edinburgh in the past.

Edinburgh is known to be the spookiest city in the UK, and maybe in Europe. And no wonder why. Its Medieval Old Town hides thousands of vaults, graves and wicked secrets that may scare you to death. Cannibals, murderers, torturers and other gory stories are waiting for you.  

Ghost Tours The Edinburgh Address

If you are ready to embark in a dreadful adventure walking around Edinburgh underground paths, then make sure to choose one of the below tours specialised in ghost tours to get the most of your experience.

Walk around haunted vaults, graveyards listening to tales of murders and hangings. Dive inside the Old Town’s undergrounds at night and hear the stories of blood and torture. You might have some macabre encounters during the tours, but don’t be afraid, a glass of whisky is waiting for your afterwards. So you can sleep in peace.

Enjoy Edinburgh’s darkest side. Enjoy Edinburgh, the city of the dead.


Ghost Tour Specialists: 

  • City of the Dead Tours - Inspired by the historical author and award winnig novelist J. A. Henderson, the City of the Dead Tours walks are following the steps of the famous Mackenzie Poltergeist and other horror stories that happened in Edinburgh.
  • Mercat Tours - Founded by a History teacher, the guides at Mercat are expert in storytelling and know their stuff. Their moto? "History is a damn good story. What it needs is a damn good telling".
  • City of Edinburgh Ghost Tours - Professional actors will narrate the scariest tales that Edinburgh is hidding.  

Ghost Tour The Edinburgh Address



We hope that you enjoy these spooky tours! Contact us If you have any questions about the city.

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