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Recently we had a lovely day (Tuesday) in Gatehouse of Fleet, in Dumfries & Galloway, to see the beautiful Fleet Cottages, whom recently joined our portfolio. It would have been perfect if we could have spent a few more days to explore more of the surrounding areas. Such a idyllic place!

Gatehouse of Fleet

This adorable town was created by the Murray family in the 17th century but did not attract tradesmen until the 1785, when tanneries and mills began to populate the area. During this period Gatehouse of Fleet became a cotton spinning town on the banks of the Fleet, with its very own port! 

Today, the industrial town is an attractive rural and petite village with one main high street, local art shops, cafes, pubs, a beautiful mill & visitor centre and ruins of a castle (with stunning views from the top!).

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The Mill on the Fleet

A beautiful spot to sit and take in the peacefulness of the place. The former textile mill is now a lovely visitor centre, with an interesting museum and bookshop/gift shop, both giving the impression that time has stopped, making them more fascinating. The history of the town is made much more interesting with scale models of Gatehouse of Fleet and the staff is really helpful!

Upstairs, the bookshop is feels more like a magic maze, with books everywhere! Some books look very old and it makes the experience fun, as you wander between beautiful old covers. On the right there is a nice gift shop with many quirky and local items.

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Cardoness Castle

After a restful nights sleep in the stunning Boutique Fleet Cottage, we took the opportunity to discover a little more.

Cardoness Castle was our first major stop of the day and the view did not disappoint. The hills rose on each side of the valley and until we were there, it was hard to believe how flat the land was leading out to the water of the Solway and it's beaches. Walking around the Castle made me wonder what life had been like for the many families which had occupied the land. The cottage below was full of information and facts and the Castle itself had information about each area displayed.

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Slow living

This area is definitely impressive and I was surprised with how much it has to offer. It lures you into a different pace, as you slow down, wander around and discover so many beautiful places. From hidden gardens to nearby old and forgotten castles.

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Where to stay

The luxurious Fleet Cottages are ideal bases to treat yourself after a long day of exploration. From spacious rooms, comfortable beds and lush bathtubs.

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The cottages

The Boutique Fleet Cottage

The Charming Fleet Cottage 

The Petite Fleet Cottage 

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