1. Before arrival guests will be asked if they are symptom free.  If guests have confirmed Covid-19 or Covid -19 symptoms before arrival then they should cancel their stay.  Guests will be offered in the first instance the option to defer their stay.
  2. Guests should stay up to date with current Scottish Government and Westminster Guidelines (should Westminster Guidelines supersede any Scottish Government Guidelines) on health issues, any other guidance affecting their stay, and to follow any such guidelines once they have made their booking and during their stay. 
  3. Guests are strongly advised to consider having insurance cover for any financial consequences of following guidelines from the Scottish Government or any other party on health matters, such as not being able to travel or alternatively having to quarantine, and therefore having to extend their booking. If Guests are unwell and cannot return home, Guests will be expected to pay all costs for their accomodation to The Edinburgh Address 
  4. In exceptional circumstances Guests they may need to be relocated (availability permitting), due to a previous guest displaying Covid-19 symptoms and having to quarantine there for instance.  A suitable alternative will be provided but in the unlikely event that this is not possible, The Guest’s booking might need to be subject to cancellation and a refund.  No liability can be accepted for any losses incurred by the party booking, or to any third party as a result of a cancelled booking. 
  5. Guests must adhere to the current house rules regarding safety and hygiene.  
  6. Please be considerate of neighbours and local communities and follow Scottish Government Guidelines (or Westminster if they supersede) relating to this.
  7. Suspected Covid-19 cases and guest self-isolation: if a guest presents themselves with symptoms of Covid-19 during their stay or is asymptomatic but declares the need to self-isolate please call your Property Manager/Host and The Edinburgh Address office asap.  NHS Inform should be contacted and the appropriate advice followed as issued by a medical professional.
  8. Please maintain the cleanliness of the property during your stay by regularly cleaning and then wiping with virucidal disinfectant (especially on high touch points such as door handles and surfaces).
  9. All guests must complete the Covid-19 Health Questionnaire before arrival and return it.

Disclaimer - we are working to the best of our ability to ensure that our collaborators follow good cleaning and sanitising protocols and we have recommended they follow the Government endorsed ASSC Cleaning Protocols for Self-Catering Properties in the Context of Covid-19.  However, we accept no liability should a person contract Covid-19 while in Edinburgh or while staying or using any of the properties listed on our website.  Guests travel and stay in Edinburgh and stay in the property at their own risk.